Stewart Kohinga is a Melbourne-based guitarist, pianist, vocalist, and songwriter with 25 years music industry experience and a reputation for excellence among his peers.

“A versatile, powerful performer that proves great songs can be stripped back to an artist, a guitar, and an honest performance”.

Lloyd Spiegel
Premier Artist 

“His deeply intense voice has the ability to reach deep down inside of you, wrapped in lyrics that play with your heart as effortlessly as he plays his strings.  Stewart Kohinga is so emotionally connected to his music that every live performance is unpredictable, raw, and relevant”.

Anthea Palmer
Sound Music Business
Jimmy Hornet China 

"His playing is sublime.  Stewart Kohinga possesses a rare musical sensibility.  His sense of space and timing is superb.  A talented pianist and guitarist, he quickly becomes attuned to the nuances of a song knowing instinctively what to play and when".

Michelle Chandler